Integral Research

Integral's Ph.D. labor economists provide employment attorneys with a comprehensive range of expert-witness services. Our professional skills and detailed attention to clients' needs have earned Integral a reputation for excellence, reliability and credibility in court.

Expert-Witness Services We Provide

  • Estimation of Lost Earnings, Benefits & Household Services
  • Wrongful Discharge

    Wrongful Death

    Personal Injury

    Medical Malpractice

  • Testing Statistically for Age, Gender & Race Discrimination
  • Termination, Hiring, Promotion and Equitable Pay Cases

    Title VII, ADEA

  • Estimation of Economic Damages
  • Statistical Analysis in Connection with Reductions in Force
  • Statistical Audits of Employment Practices

The Optimum Skill Set to Do These Cases Properly

Integral's experts bring the optimal skill set to lost-earnings estimation and to employment discrimination cases. Our training as labor economists provides us with the intellectual framework necessary to properly specify the key economic relationships governing employment and earnings, and our statistical training provides us with the techniques necessary to estimate these relationships accurately. Our reports easily withstand cross-examination because each assumption made and each estimation technique applied is grounded in economic and statistical theory.

Clear and Effective Testimony

We have built a reputation for our ability to clearly communicate technical issues to a largely non-technical audience. Experience has taught us that giving economic or statistical testimony is like teaching an introductory course to students who are taking it, with great reluctance, only because it's required. The expert witness, like the good teacher, must be able to make new and complex issues clear and even interesting. That's our goal and our clients tell us we achieve it.


Our demonstrated credibility in the courtroom is based on several factors. First, we have the highest and the most relevant academic credentials for expert witness work in damage estimation and discrimination cases. Second, we are specialists in what we do. The work in each new case is tailored to the specific details of that case informed by our work in the many cases that preceded it. Finally, in addition to training and experience, our credibility rests on the fact that we have routinely worked for both sides - plaintiff and defense - and the public record shows that we have done so with perfect objectivity.

Assistance from Discovery to Trial

We are actively engaged at each stage of the litigation, from discovery to trial preparation. We find that expert assistance in drafting data and document requests and in confirming the accuracy of the material received is invaluable. So is thorough preparation of counsel for trial. The expert has to teach counsel enough economics and enough statistics to ask the key questions of the expert on the other side and, as important, to distinguish between answers that are responsive and those that are not. The outcome of the case often rests on the attorney's ability to do this. And, in our opinion, the attorney's ability to do this depends upon us.

Statistical Audits Prior to Reductions in Force (RIFs)

Integral's statistical experts provide RIF-planning services to companies intending to down size. As consultants to management, we conduct an in-depth statistical review of the RIF list before it is implemented, giving decision makers the comprehensive information needed to proceed effectively. According to our litigation-prevention clients, the assistance we provide is invaluable in reducing RIF-related law suits.